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Elizabeth Fry Society of Toronto

This organization offers outpatient alcohol rehab individual/group counselling and referral to appropriate resources. It is also a halfway house. The program targets, but is not restricted to, women in conflict with the law. For the past 39 years, our Residential Program on Wellesley Street has provided women a place of renewed hope and lasting change. Many women arrive at E. Fry after a series of conflicts with the law and terms of incarceration. Many were previously referred to social programs where they did not fit in due to poorly developed social skills, very high emotional needs, difficulty controlling their anger, or they were not accepted because they had a record. The women who stay at our halfway house are on parole from provincial or federal prisons and spend changeable amounts of time with us. It is their home during the critical period in which they ease into life outside of the institute, reintegrate into the community, and make lifestyle changes that contribute to a healthier family life and the safety of the community. Our residential staff are very sensitive to the needs of our clients and understand the issues that bring women into conflict with the law. They do not see a client as "her offense" but as a whole person with her own unique story to tell. They assist women to develop solid life management skills and to continue family ties as they successfully go through the difficult approach of re-entering the community after spending months, and every now and then years, in prison.


  • Street: 215 Wellesley Street East
  • Postcode: M4X 1G1
  • City: Toronto
  • Province: Ontario


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