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Alberta Health Services - Fishing Lake Metis Settlement

Alberta Health Services offers culturally sensitive recovery services for addiction at their Fishing Lake Metis Settlement. They offer addiction treatment through an outpatient counseling program, which aims to provide at flexible hours of the day. They offer recovery services after assessment of the client’s needs, which allows the counselors to prepare focused treatment plans. They offer addiction counseling through individual and group counseling sessions, both of which offer guidance about behavioral and personal issues on different levels. This facility also provides community and school-based prevention and education sessions to reduce addiction and dependency issues in the community.


  • Postcode: T0A 1A0
  • City: Fishing Lake Metis Settlement
  • Province: Alberta


  • Telephone: (780) 943-3058
  • Fax: (780) 943-2575
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Sylvain Fournier

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