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Fresh Start Recovery Centre

Fresh Start Recovery Centre offers a long-term rehabilitation service for men in need of addiction recovery treatment. They offer addiction recovery services through a holistic approach, which aims to gradually guide the client towards better habits of life. They also provide integrated counseling for co-occurring mental health issues along with addiction disorder. This program uses individual and group counseling sessions to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical therapeutic activities. It also uses the 12-step abstinence model of counseling to provide encouragement and support to the clients under their care. Other services such as family support may also be available upon request.


  • Street: 411 41st Avenue NE
  • Postcode: T2E 2N4
  • City: Calgary
  • Province: Alberta


  • Telephone: (403) 387-6266
  • Fax: (403) 235-1532
  • E-mail
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Meet an Expert

Sylvain Fournier

Sylvain Fournier | Bio

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