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Interior Workplace Compliance Testing

Interior Workplace Compliance Testing has offered a comprehensive substance and drug abuse testing service. They offer four drug testing choice, where two of them use urine testing method and offer 7 panels and 12-panel test. They also offer drug testing through a 6-panel oral test and hair follicle testing. Their alcohol testing service is available through oral alcohol testing, breath alcohol testing, and urine alcohol testing. They use lab testing services to ensure that the results are 100% perfect and have not been contaminated with outside interference.


  • Street: 1837 Ogilvie Street, Unit 101 S.
  • Postcode: V2N 1X2
  • City: Prince George
  • Province: British Columbia


Interior Workplace Compliance Testing

Services Offered

Substance Abuse Treatment, Drug Test , Prince George

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Sylvain Fournier

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