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iRecover Newfoundland

Located in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland, iRecover is a shelter for individuals who are struggling with addiction and drug abuse. The facility provides a variety of services and treatments for the clients to rehabilitate them and help them recover. The services which are offered include counselling, therapeutic programs and drug treatments like a detox. All these programs are offered in a safe space. However, to make this even more effective, the lodge is located in a very calm and serene area, close to natural surroundings, so that the clients can be at peace. It is relaxing and will feel like a getaway spot from the city life.


  • Street: 1 Old Trout River Road
  • Postcode: A0K 1P0
  • City: Bonne Bay
  • Province: Newfoundland & Labrador


  • Telephone: 1 (877) 387-4155
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Services Offered

Aftercare, 12 Step Programs, Bonne Bay Residential Treatment, Bonne Bay Residential Long-Term, Individual Counselling, Bonne Bay Residential Short-Term, Residential Drug Rehab, Substance Abuse Treatment, Bonne Bay

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Sylvain Fournier

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