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Government of Prince Edward Island - Lacey House

Established in 1991, Lacey House is an extended care facility that provides a secure, structured, and therapeutic atmosphere for women operating toward maintaining a chemical-free lifestyle. Located in Charlottetown, the facility accommodates six residents. Residents are accepted into the house through an Habit Services referral, following a comprehensive assessment. Employees at Lacey House include a Supervisor, Case Workers, and Habit Workers who offer info and counseling primarily based on the idea that habit is a chronic, progressive, life-threatening disease requiring customized education and responsible management. Purpose: * To offer a safe, structured environment to assist women in maintaining an dependence-free lifestyle * To empower women to form healthy lifestyle selections * To supply data and counseling for women’s problems related to the challenges of dealing with life and to develop skills in relapse prevention * To help women in developing a personal treatment program based on the philosophy and practices of Alcoholics Anonymous * To offer data on ways to confront the illness of habit


  • Street: 283 Fitzroy Street
  • Postcode: C1A 1S8
  • City: Charlottetown
  • Province: Prince Edward Island


  • Telephone: (902) 368-4083
  • 1facebook


Services Offered

Charlottetown Residential Treatment, Family Counselling, Substance Abuse Treatment, Aftercare, Individual Counselling, Family Support, Charlottetown, Residential Drug Rehab, Prevention /Education, Woman Only

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