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Leading Thunderbird Lodge

"clients are referred from many different sources - through the National Native Drug and Alcohol Program (NADAP), drop-in centres and some come from corrections. We have self-referrals persons who have heard regarding the center from other customers and want to try the same thing. They basically make a call and we help them make planning to come over. We have a waiting list so if somebody calls up it depends on the waiting list how long it will take for them to get in. Sometimes it's 2 weeks and occasionally it takes 2 months. The majority are younger, from 18 to 25. The age limit is 17. We like to make sure that they're all clear of their court cases so there's going to be nothing to interfere with their recovery. And we try to restrict the number from the courts and legal system at any one time. If we get too several from the courts it becomes a specialized program, dealing with corrections and we have a harder time. Many times they're not here because they want to be here. They're here because someone else has told them to be here. When we bring new clients into the program we do orientations, evaluations and assessments in the first week. They are introduced to the Centre and to the rules and responsibilities of the Center. The fundamental rules are: no alcohol or drugs throughout rehab, and they have to participate in the program. We also stress the need for confidentiality when they're in the program. Also in that first week we try to get a strong commitment from them that they're here for the right reasons. Everybody who comes in gets a physical by the medical doctor so we can find out if they need medical attention. Sometimes after they sober up there are medical complications so we make sure they are healthy. Then we do an assessment to see if they're in the right place. From time to time we refer someone to a different type of recovery center that is more suitable for them ... so we can be a referral agency at the same time. The ones that fit into our program start in the second week in the habitual treatment programs. It's a combination of lectures, talks, and films. We put in a few standard of living skills exercises to get persons to become more aware of specific behaviours. And we have one-to-one talking and group therapy. The days are practically full. They start out in the morning with a spirituality session. Spirituality is one of the main focuses. We usage both Native and non-denominational spirituality about 50-50. We don't have any on staff, but we do bring Elders in to talk to the clients.


  • Street: 555 Fort San Rd
  • Postcode: S0G 1S0
  • City: Fort Qu'appelle
  • Province: Saskatchewan


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