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Metis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan Inc

Or detox center is there to cut back and finally eliminate the harmful effects of alcohol and drug abuse among Aboriginal individuals and to assist communities in restoring a balanced and harmonious life. The key to overcoming the addiction is to re-establish harmony - to become WHOLE. Every time a client leaves our programs with a feeling of being whole, with an inner peace and equipped with the required living skills to persist their voyage and assist others, we have attained our objective. The goal is lifelong recovery - mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.


  • Street: 334-19th Street East
  • Postcode: S6V 1J7
  • City: Prince Albert
  • Province: Saskatchewan


  • Telephone: (306) 953-8250
  • Fax: (306) 953-8261
  • E-mail
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Sylvain Fournier

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