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Mission Friendship Centre

The Mission Friendship Centre's purpose is to meet the needs of First Nations and Non-First Nations people, who are making a transition to the urban community. To provide a central and suitable facility where counseling information, guidance and referal services will be provided.

My name is Sean Russell; I am the Addictions Counsellor here at the Mission Friendship Centre Society. I have been employed here since May of 2009. I am a certified drug and alcohol counsellor. I have been involved with the Friendship Centre for the last couple of years on a volunteer basis for special events.

The addictions program offers referral services, one- on- one counselling, as well as many different types of workshops covering numerous subjects such as anger management, relapse prevention, relationships, codependency, boundaries, and information on addiction and the affects of different narcotics on the body and mind.
Here at the Mission Friendship Centre we use the Bio-Psycho-Social Model in treating addiction, yet we also look at the Harm Reduction Model. Our goal here is not only to give information to people with addiction issues; we also look at guiding them on a less destructive path also. We provide help to all ethnic backgrounds and do not turn anyone down.
I look forward to hearing from you soon, if you have any questions please feel free to come down or give me a call.
All my Relations, Sean Russell


  • Street: 33150A First Ave.
  • Postcode: V2V 1G4
  • City: Mission
  • Province: British Columbia


  • Telephone: (604) 826-1281
  • Fax: (604) 826-4056
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Mission Indian Friendship Centre Society

Services Offered

Aftercare, Couple Counselling, Individual Counselling, Relapse Prevention, Group Counselling, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment, First Nation, Prevention /Education, Mission Outpatient Treatment, Mission

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