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Native Council of Prince Edward Island

The National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program is a nation-wide organization that is dedicated to eliminating alcohol and drug abuse problems among aboriginal people. The program was devised to ensure that aboriginal people take the initiative to solve their own problems. Funding from the Federal and Provincial levels of Health and Welfare Canada made it possible to develop and continue the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs at NCPEI.

AA Meetings

We hold our regular A.A. meetings at 6 F.J. MacAuley Court, Monday nights from 8 - 9 p.m.. Our group is getting stronger every time we meet. Remember, if you need help in this area it is up to you to take the first step and others can walk with you.


  • Street: 6 F. J. McAulay
  • Postcode: C1A 9M7
  • City: Charlottetown
  • Province: Prince Edward Island


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