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New Directions

Prevention activities include in school curriculm, workshops and presentations and out reach services.

Promotional activities that reflect on healthy lifestyles and substance free alternatives.

Counselling opportunities for individual, family, group and couples setting.

We believe that we can better service our people by seeking healing and recovery methods for an empowered client focused and client centered personal plan of care.

Interventions that are imposed are neither successful nor meaningful when any individual believes that externally controlled stimulus takes presedence over personal healing and recovery.

We are not in a position to support incarcerated individuals seeking shorter jail times, probation or parole; individuals ordered under a probation or parole order to seek counselling: and individuals seeking out excuses for their behaviours while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Clients now seeking service can be assured that their involvement with New Directions Group is based on their choices and their responsibilities.


  • Street: 1769 Chiefswood Rd
  • Postcode: N0A 1M0
  • City: Ohsweken
  • Province: Ontario


  • Telephone: (519) 445-2947
  • Fax: (519) 445-4388
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