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Nimkee Nupi Gawagan Healing Centre

Located in Muncey, Ontario, Nimkee Nupi Gawagan Healing Centre is a rehab facility which aims to restore and rehabilitate the lives of those individuals who struggle with drug abuse and addiction. The facility mainly aims to help teenagers and adolescents who struggle with addiction and drug abuse by providing them with a safe and encouraging environment at the centre. They also offer shelter and residential services, which include meals and shower facilities, to these clients who do not have any place to go to. This, along with the programs which are offered, all aim to help these troubled individuals recover.


  • Street: 20850 Muncey Rd.
  • Postcode: N0L 1Y0
  • City: Muncey
  • Province: Ontario


  • Telephone: (519) 264-2277
  • Fax: (519) 264-1552

Nimkee Nupi Gawagan Healing Centre

Services Offered

Muncey Residential Long-Term, Substance Abuse Treatment, Aftercare, Residential Drug Rehab, Muncey Youth Treatment, First Nation, Youth Treatment, Muncey Residential Treatment, Muncey

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