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North Wind Healing Centre

Last updated on: Thursday, 14 September 2023

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North Wind Healing Centre offers addiction and drug dependency treatment services to clients with substance abuse issues. They offer a comprehensive counselling service that can help clients that need to overcome an alcohol addiction, drug addiction, prescriptive medicine addiction, and other behavioural addiction as well. They use therapeutic intervention followed by counselling and healing to help the client learn healthier behaviours of life. For counselling, they use individual and group therapy sessions that use traditional and cultural approach to therapy. The clients are also given aftercare and relapse prevention services after the treatment is complete; it helps them remain sober even after the treatment is complete.

Addiction Treatment Services


Member of First Nations Health Authority

Rehab Setting

Inpatient Rehabilitation
Residential Long-Term
Substance Abuse Treatment

Services Offered

Relapse Prevention
Substance Abuse Counselling
Substance Abuse Counselling For Individuals
Substance Abuse Group Counselling

People Served

First Nation

Contact Information


5524 Graham Road, Farmington, BC


(250) 843-6977