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North Wind Healing Centre

The North Wind Healing Centre is a residential drug program. It lasts 45 days and can accommodate 10 addicts at the same time. The program addresses the addiction problem from different angles: biological, psychological, social and spiritual. At first, they examine the actual problems brought on by addiction. Then they are brought to look at possible solutions to dealing with addiction and life. Then they develop a pro-active plan to help themselves live better. Then they get help by the staff to look for a job and a career so that they can build a life after the program.

The NWHC uses an innovative and flexible approach to deliver its Addictions Counselling Services. A modular format addressing four major components:

The Bio-Psycho-Social Module, deals with the problems of addictions how it affects the person Biological, Social and Psychologically. The Cultural Module, suggests possible solutions to the problems, based on the Medicine Wheel and Spirituality. The Trauma Module, provides a pro-active  plan to work out the problems, based on the Red Road Therapy and Spirituality. The Life-skills Module, prepares our participants with job search skills and/or career exploration in today's job market.


  • Street: 5524 Graham Road
  • Postcode: V0C 1N0
  • City: Farmington
  • Province: British Columbia


  • Telephone: (250) 843-6977
  • Fax: (250) 843-6978
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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