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Pavillon Foster

The Foster Addiction Rehabilitation Centre (CRD Foster) is a public rehabilitation centre of the health and social services network providing rehabilitation and social reintegration services to the English-speaking population of Quebec.

CRD Foster is guided by the following fundamental values in the organization and delivery of its services. We are specifically committed to:

  • Providing accessible, quality services that respect the cultural diversity of the individuals we serve;
  • Developing and maintaining the professional competencies of our multidisciplinary team;
  • Establishing a continuum of care in the field of addictions by sharing our expertise and promoting partnerships with our institutional and community partners;
  • Continuously improving our services by applying evidence-based interventions wherever feasible;
  • Participating and contributing to the development of applied research in the field of addictions and transferring the knowledge gained from this research to the community.


  • Street: 6 Rue Foucreault
  • Postcode: J0L 2K0
  • City: Saint-Philippe
  • Province: Quebec



Services Offered

Saint-Philippe Residential Long-Term, Relapse Prevention, Substance Abuse Treatment, Aftercare, Group Counselling, Intensive Outpatient Program, Individual Counselling, Family Support, Saint-Philippe Residential Treatment, Assessment, Saint-Philippe Youth Treatment, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Saint-Philippe Outpatient Treatment, Residential Drug Rehab, Prevention /Education, Youth Treatment, Saint-Philippe

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Sylvain Fournier

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