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Recovery Acres Calgary - 1835 House

1835 House is a men’s alcohol and drug recovery centre located in a residential area of Calgary, Alberta. The House provides daily living and meeting space for thirty residents, in addition to day-program clients, counsellors, and staff. It is operated by Recovery Acres (Calgary) Society, a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing an effective substance abuse treatment program that minimizes disruption and cost to the individual, family, employer, and the community at large.

1835 House has been the start of a new life for thousands of men since our doors first opened in 1975. The 1835 program is not for tourists. We require unreserved, total commitment to the goal of living sober, and unconditional acceptance of House rules and routines. No one is invited into the 1835 program. To become a client a man must:

a) need our services
b) want our services
c) ask to join us
d) commit to the 1835 Program of Recovery
e) be prepared to be held to his commitment


  • Street: 1835 – 27th Avenue SW
  • Postcode: T2T 1H2
  • City: Calgary
  • Province: Alberta


  • Telephone: (403) 245-1196
  • Fax: (403) 244-4019
  • E-mail
  • 1facebook   1Twitter   1youtube

Meet an Expert

Sylvain Fournier

Sylvain Fournier | Bio

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