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Last updated on: Tuesday, 2 May 2023

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Renascent is a leader in the field of addiction treatment. We have helped over 30,000 people reclaim their lives from alcohol and drug addiction since 1970.

Few rehab centres can match the success rate of Renascent Complete Care, or Renascent’s ability to facilitate assessment and admission within two business days. Our capacity to respond to the distinct needs of families and employers affected by addiction sets us apart.
We have the largest number of treatment beds in Canada and operates on a continuous intake basis. No spaces are left empty in our centres for men and women. Our distant delivery programs allow us to respond to the needs of Canadians wherever they live and work.
All Renascent counsellors are trained professionals who are in active recovery. Because they’ve been there, our counsellors are highly effective in breaking through denial and isolation, characteristics of the disease.

Renascent incorporates the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) as part of its professionally-facilitated Complete Care program. It’s proven to be effective in maintaining abstinence for a lifetime.

The goal of the program is complete abstinence and a commitment to a 12-step program of recovery as one hit, pill or drink can trigger relapse. Renascent Complete Care will not only help you live a lifetime in sobriety, it will show you how to lead a healthy, productive and enjoyable life in recovery.
If you’re interested in restoring balance to your own life or are concerned about the impact addiction is having on a friend, family member or employee, Renascent can help. Our Complete Care program addresses the different needs of the addicted person, their family and, where appropriate, the workplace.

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