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Salvation Army Anchorage Program

The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth Centre is a non-profit Christian organization committed to helping those in need. We are a division of The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda, and are ending The mission of The Salvation Army, to evangelise the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet the fundamental human wants of all persons in would like who return within its sphere of influences. The Anchorage Addiction Recovery program is a 24-bed facility that offers drugs and alcohol rehabilitation to men suffering from addiction. By providing a residential Christian twelve-step recovery program and other addiction services, our goal is to assist clients in achieving a substance abuse free lifestyle.


  • Street: 171 George Street
  • Postcode: K1N 5W5
  • City: Ottawa
  • Province: Ontario


  • Telephone: (613) 241-1573
  • Fax: (613) 241-2818
  • E-mail
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Meet an Expert

Sylvain Fournier

Sylvain Fournier | Bio

Across Canada, there are many different treatment options to choose from, private, government-funded, inpatient, and outpatient. See More