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Simon House Recovery Centre

Last updated on: Tuesday, 2 May 2023

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Simon House Recovery Centre offers a unique treatment approach through its residential recovery programs. This program aims to help adults with addiction issues through spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical counseling. Their rehabilitation program provides a highly structured residential recovery program that is offered for a duration of 12 weeks. Other than the primary counseling sessions, the client is also given 12 step meetings, speaker meetings, Al-Anon meeting, meditation sessions, and support sessions. Once the client has completed the residential treatment, they are given transitional housing to help them become settled in their sober lifestyle. This program provides individual counseling, vocational guidance, and weekly support sessions.

Addiction Treatment Services


Accreditation Canada
Licensed by the Government of Alberta
Registered Canadian Charitable Organization

Rehab Setting

Inpatient Rehabilitation
Residential Long-Term
Sober Living
Substance Abuse Treatment

Services Offered

Substance Abuse Counselling
Substance Abuse Counselling For Individuals
Substance Abuse Group Counselling

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5819 Bowness Road N.W., Calgary, AB


(403) 247-2050


403 247-2104