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Telmexw Awtexw Treatment Centre

Telmexw Awtexw Treatment Centre provides addiction and substance dependency treatment to Native community of the area. They offer rehabilitation and community support to the members of First Nation communities. They offer addiction treatment after assessment, after which they will be given a mix of traditional 12-step treatment and First Nation holistic therapy. This mix of counseling allows counselors to get the proper treatment that can help them develop their cultural identity and social identity. This facility also provides various education and prevention services to the local community to prevent and reduce addictive habits in the community.


  • Street: 4690 Salish Way
  • Postcode: V0M 1A1
  • City: Agassiz
  • Province: British Columbia


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Services Offered

Aftercare, Agassiz Residential Treatment, Residential Drug Rehab , Substance Abuse Treatment, First Nation, Holistic Treatment Services, Prevention /Education, Agassiz

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Sylvain Fournier

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