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Tumbler Ridge Counselling Services

If a person has an addiction related problem or issue in regards to oneself or a family member one is concerned about, he can contact the Tumbler Ridge Counselling Services in order to receive help. The TRCS provides counselling services for any adult who may have a mental health issue, whether temporary or chronic in nature, and is also receiving medical assistance or is referred by a doctor. Counselling is also available for any family member of a person with a mental health or addiction related issue.


  • Street: 220 Front St
  • Postcode: V0C 2W0
  • City: Tumbler Ridge
  • Province: British Columbia


  • Telephone: (250) 242-5505
  • Fax: (250) 242-3595
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Services Offered

Aftercare, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Substance Abuse Treatment, Tumbler Ridge Outpatient Treatment, Tumbler Ridge

Meet an Expert

Sylvain Fournier

Sylvain Fournier | Bio

Across Canada, there are many different treatment options to choose from, private, government-funded, inpatient, and outpatient. See More