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Venture Academy - Barrie, ON

Venture Academy's Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for troubled teens in Canada provides substance use treatment, counselling, andeducational support services to male and female teens ages 13-18 who are experiencing difficulties managing their lives due to alcohol or drug use as a contributing factor to the overall problem.

Typically, Venture Academy's Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program helps teens who may have a history of substance abuse and related issuessuch as family difficulties, school suspensions, negative peer relationships, clinically diagnosed disorders such as ADD, ODD and other significant behavioural challenges.

Our goal is to help youth eliminate substance use, and to lead healthy, productive lives and make positive choices that does not include drug and alcohol use.

Venture Academy provides the resources and opportunities to help teens overcome their addictions and prepare them to become confident, responsible and successful individuals of character.


  • City: Barrie
  • Province: Ontario


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Services Offered

Barrie Outpatient Treatment, Barrie Youth Treatment, Relapse Prevention, Assessment, Aftercare, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Holistic Treatment Services, Interventionists, Youth Treatment, Barrie

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