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We Care Home Health Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing Read Less
Drug and alcohol testing is an increasingly important workplace management issue. We Care offers a comprehensive list of testing services including drug tests, alcohol tests, third party administration and consortium services.

Drug Tests
5-Panel, 6-Panel or 10-panel Quick Test are available for immediate results. Lab confirmation of any non-negative test results is also available. DOT and non-DOT collection of split sample urine are sent to the laboratory. Negative results are available within 48 hours. Our Medical Review Officer confirms any non-negative results.

Alcohol Tests
Both Breath Alcohol kit testing (done with Intoximeter) and Saliva Alcohol testing (done with an oral swab) meet U.S. DOT and non-DOT requirements.

  • 24 hour on-call testing services (in selected locations)
  • Mobile (on-site) collection services
  • Administration of random testing pools



We Care Home Health Services

Services Offered

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