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Windsor Life Center

Candidates who meet the following criteria are invited to apply to the WLC program: 1. Have an admitted life-controlling addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. 2. Be willing to consider biblical solutions to life problems. 3. Be sincerely teachable and amenable to the program's structure and rules. 4. Be without severe medical or psychiatric problems that would prevent total participation in all aspects of the program. Applicants should be advised that our 12-month minimum-stay program is not medical, nor is it a psychiatric facility. It is the full expectation that prospective applicants will have withdrawn from all substances prior to admission.


  • Street: 4490 7th Concession Road
  • Postcode: N9A 6J3
  • City: Windsor
  • Province: Ontario


  • Telephone: (519) 972-8160
  • Fax: (519) 972-8293
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Services Offered

Windsor Residential Long-Term, Substance Abuse Treatment, Relapse Prevention, Christian Based, Residential Drug Rehab, Woman Only, Windsor Residential Treatment, Windsor

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