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Womankind Addiction Service

Womankind is a program created by the amalgamation of Hamilton Women's Detox Centre and Mary Ellis House. * Withdrawal Management is a non-medical crisis centre for women who are intoxicated or withdrawing from alcohol or other substances. The withdrawal management offers a safe, caring atmosphere in which women can withdraw from substances and be referred to community services and addiction treatment as appropriate. Referrals are accepted from the women directly. A Family Education / Support group is offered. The five week drug rehab program includes 8 residential beds and 4 day spots. The standardized tools and phone assessments are required to determine admission. This centre accepts women who are intoxicated, in detox}, or in crisis connected to their use of alcohol/drugs. Supportive physical care, counselling, referrals, outreach support and post-discharge support group are provided. Assistance is additionally provided in accessing recovery, social service agencies and self-facilitate, each in-house and outreach.


  • Street: 421 Whitney Ave
  • Postcode: L8S 2H6
  • City: Hamilton
  • Province: Ontario


  • Telephone: (905) 545-9100
  • Fax: (905) 545-6385
  • E-mail
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