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Do I Need a U.S. Waiver for My Adult Drug or Alcohol Convictions?

As a general rule you need a U.S. Waiver (there may be exceptions), if you have one or more of the following adult convictions:

  • 2 or more summary crimes of dishonesty (ie. theft, fraud, b&e with intent to commit theft, etc);
  • 1 or more drug offenses; or
  • 1 or more crimes of violence where harm was intended.
  • You were between the ages of 15 and 18; AND
  • you were tried as an adult; AND
  • You were convicted of felony violence or felony drugs.

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DRS femme2

Convictions such as impaired driving and mischief do not make you inadmissible due to criminality. HOWEVER, if you have multiple driving offenses (ie. due to addiction), you could be found medically inadmissible until you are able to prove that you have your medical condition under control.

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