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Does Alcohol Affect Women Different?

When asking if alcohol affects women different than men, the answer is yes. The reason is that a woman’s body has proportionally less water than a man’s body. After drinking alcohol, this gets mixed with the water from the body, and because of this difference, the same amount of alcohol becomes more concentrated in a woman’s body than in a man’s. So if a man and a woman are drinking the same amount of alcohol, the woman will get more intoxicated. This is why the recommended drinking limit is lower for women than for men.

Even more, chronic alcohol abuse has greater effects on women than on man, developing heavier physical problems. Alcohol-related medical problems, like brain or liver damage, and alcohol dependence progress faster in women than in men. This is why women shouldn’t be drinking too much, maybe such some occasional drinks at social events or parties. Besides, it is very embarrassing and disgraceful for a woman to get drunk or have a drinking problem. Having one glass of wine or even a beer in a hot summer day is alright, but drinking beyond the limit will do much harm to a woman.

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The good thing is that statistically there are fewer women who drink, compared to men. From the 15.1 million alcohol-abusing or alcohol-dependent individuals from the USA, almost 4.6 million are women. This means nearly one-third. Although generally women consume less alcohol and have fewer alcohol-related medical problems or dependence, among the heaviest drinkers, women equal or even surpass men in terms of the problems resulting from drinking. Furthermore, it is considered that women that have multiple roles in their life, like mother, wife, that have a career are less likely to develop a drinking problem, contrarily to those who don’t have so many roles or have lost one of them.

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