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Drug Addiction In Barrie, Ontario

It’s really no secret that drugs and alcohol addictions are still a big problem in today’s world. A person would think that with all the advancements that mankind has made that surely these problems would diminish if not outright disappear. Things could not be further from the case. Not only are drug and alcohol use on the rise but seems to be more of a problem with teens and young adults than other parts of the population. This leads to increased rates of drug addiction in Barrie, Ontario.

Barrie is the 19th largest city in Canada. Usually as is the way with cities, with a large and diverse population comes to a large and diverse drug culture. Barrie is currently experiencing problems with cocaine, oxycontin and crystal meth as well as a host of prescription drugs being sold illegally on the street.

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During the holiday season 2010 police all around Canada took part in the festive ride program; this program took place from November 26th to January 2nd. In that time, a total of 3, 840 cars were pulled over for roadside screening tests. Of those 3,800 drivers, 108 resulted with 30-day license suspension, and 13 were given 90-day license suspensions.

Recently in Barrie, police seized $5,000 in marijuana, $1500 worth of cocaine and an industrial drug press. This should go to attest to the drug addiction problem that exists in Barrie. This one of many such instances in the city of Barrie and they don’t seem to be going away.

Back in years past, 2004 which is really not that long ago police stormed the former Molson Brewery plant and seized almost 30,000 marijuana plants. At that current time, police named it the largest marijuana grow operation in Canadian history. Barrie is not immune to the problems of alcohol and drug addiction but with vigilance and education, this disturbing trend can be turned around.

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