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Drug Addiction In British Columbia

British Columbia is well known for its diverse drug population, especially that of the notorious east side of Vancouver. With many homeless people throughout Canada migrating there to escape harsher winter climates throughout the country and no other way to make money, the drug trade is booming.

British Columbia’s division of the Organised Crime Agency (OCA) is worried that marijuana is quickly becoming a major player in this province’s economy. People all over the world know that getting their hands on marijuana in British Columbia is extremely easy. This could be because marijuana is actually one of British Columbia’s largest exports totaling over 3.8 billion dollars. The legal export of gas and oil totals 3.2 billion to put it in perspective.

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Harder drugs are making their way throughout the streets as well. Organized crime, such as the Asian and Italian mafia, has their hands in the mix throughout all of British Columbia, keeping the police on their toes. When a bust happens, it affects everyone, not just those who play in this world. Recently, a public bus station was shut down, and all the employees locked inside as the building next store had a raid performed on it. Six people were arrested and no further details have been given, but thousands of people every day walked unassumingly by this building, unknowing that inside were weapons and drugs.

The rising trend in prescription-drug addiction also has the police and health industry concerned. With many workers aging and getting hurt at various mines and milling agencies, they get put onto an addictive narcotic. Once started these people do not always know they have a problem since the prescription was originally taken for legit and real purposes. OxyContin is the drug of choice with the baby boomers in British Columbia; this leads to addiction fairly quickly.



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Marcel Gemme has been helping people struggling with addiction for over 19 years. He first started as an intake counselor for a drug rehabilitation center in 2000. During his 5 years as an intake counselor, he helped many addicts get the treatment they needed. He also dealt with the families and friends of those people; he saw first-hand how much strain addiction puts on a family and how it can tear relationships apart. With drug and alcohol problems constantly on the rise in the United States and Canada, he decided to use the Internet as a way to educate and help many more people in both those countries. This was 15 years ago. Since then, Marcel has built two of the largest websites in the U.S. and Canada which reach and help millions of people each year. He is an author and a leader in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. His main focus is threefold: education, prevention and rehabilitation. To this day, he still strives to be at the forefront of technology in order to help more and more people.

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