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Drug Addiction In Oshawa, Ontario

Oshawa has the same problems with alcohol and drug addiction as most other Canadian cities. Those Canadian cities have the same problem as the American cities. There would appear to be a trend here in that alcohol and drug addiction seem to be a problem everywhere. It’s a problem in our homes, in our work places, in our cars and in our schools. This has become a major problem with not only us but with our seniors and our children. There are treatment centers and programs available throughout the North American continent. Studies and research are showing more and more all the time that our efforts towards drug and alcohol addiction programs seem to fall largely upon deaf ears.

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The problems related to alcohol and drug addiction are growing across Canada and in Oshawa, Ontario. More teens are drinking alcohol at an earlier age than ever before and in greater numbers of ever before. It is not unheard of that over 50% of the high school graduating class in any town has consumed alcohol, sometimes this number can climb to as high as 80%. 35% of these students can actually be said to be heavy drinkers. Recent statistics show some alarming results. It seems that the more education a person has the more likely they are to drink. The more money, wealth, a person has the more likely they are to drink. On average a person 14 years of age and older drinks a bit more than 2 gallons of alcohol a year. Two gallons being an average number means that many people drink far less or none at all while other imbibe much larger quantities.

Drugs in Oshawa are still a problem. Just recently in March 2011, police in Oshawa have made arrests and seizure confiscating thousands of dollars, firearms, marijuana and cocaine. Clearly, steps must be taken in Oshawa to deal with the ever growing alcohol and drug addiction problem.

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