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Drug Addiction In Ottawa, Ontario

Drug and alcohol addiction seems to be running rampant all over Canada’s provinces and cities. The amount of drug and alcohol arrests in Ottawa, Ontario is quite alarming. In fact, most have become so commonplace that the newspapers and televised new programs rarely carry the story; it's no longer newsworthy. Most cities and towns now have police forces that maintain their own websites. Looking into these websites and the archives of police activities tell a different story. The city is rife with drug and alcohol addiction, the arrests and seizures they make are nothing less than totally alarming. Ottawa, despite being the capital city, fares no different in this regard. It too faces its issues with drug trafficking and alcohol abuse.

It’s sometimes very hard to gather data and discover just what degree drugs and alcohol are having on any given city. Most police departments and treatments centers do not correlate data on a regular basis. Even then it would not be quite right. What can be done is somewhat like taking a snapshot of current events to get an idea of what is currently going on.

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Police in early March 2011 arrested a couple and seized a quantity of GHB, around 700 grams. GHB is best known as a date rape drug. Police have also just recently wrapped up an investigation which has resulted in six arrests. The police say that the six individuals were responsible for trafficking almost 10 million dollars of cocaine in the last year. To date, the police have seized almost $2.1 million dollars in cocaine, $330,000 of hashish, and somewhere in the neighborhood of $430,000 in Canadian currency. That is all from this one investigation.

This is just a brief snapshot of Ottawa’s drug addiction problem. Two incidents among many, not to mention the problems faced everyday with those addicted to alcohol, for those people are charged with driving under the influence.

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