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Drug Addiction In St. Catharines, Ontario

It’s very difficult if not impossible these days to find a place, a town or city, that has not been touched by the shadows of alcohol and drug addiction. Drug addiction is becoming an ever-increasing problem in Canada, the U.S and indeed many other countries all over the globe. Town and cities aside for a moment, it’s hard to find a person that has not is some way been touched by alcohol and drug abuse, whether it be themselves, a member of their family or just a friend. Programs are in place; treatment centers and even private residential home facilities are working tirelessly to help the masses of people with their alcohol and drug addiction problems. Numbers show that the amount of people suffering from addictions is overwhelming and far and above what current levels of programs can hope to help soon.

St. Catharines faces drug and alcohol addiction issues much like all other towns and cities. Perhaps even more so, a simple Internet search yields article after article of drug arrests in the St. Catharines area. Marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, magic mushrooms are all being sold and that is just the start. The people selling the drugs can be found to be in their seventies are so young, under 18, that the police must withhold their names. This is even going so far as to be trafficked out of a number of bars in the city.

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Alcohol also plays a major factor in all the small towns and cities; St. Catharines are included. Younger people are drinking than ever before, which means younger drivers that have been imbibing are on the road more than ever before. Alcohol is a major factor in almost 60% of all teenage driving accidents, Teenage boys who have a blood-alcohol level of .05% are 18 times more likely to get into a single-vehicle crash, and teenage girls with the same blood-alcohol level are 54 times more likely.


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