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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs for Inhalant Abuse in Nova Scotia

Inhalants are everyday products found in the home, workplace, and school. These products include solvents, aerosols, gases, and nitrates. Most of these products are legal and easy to obtain, which is why they are appealing for young children and adolescents. Throughout the province of Nova Scotia, substance abuse affects many people and families living throughout the province. Inhalant abuse becomes a problem for younger people, and also members of the homeless community and aboriginal communities across the province. Products used as inhalants include solvents, aerosols, gases, and nitrites. Solvents include both industrial and household products, such as paint thinners, dry-cleaning fluids, gasoline, and lighter fluid. Art and office supply solvents are also abused, which include correction fluids, felt-tip markers, and glue.

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Aerosols are also both household and industrial products, which include spray paints, hair and deodorant sprays, and cooking sprays. Gases include butane, gasoline, propane, and even the gas from whipped cream canisters. Products that are used in anesthesia are also abused but are harder to find illegally, and this includes ether, chloroform, and nitrous oxide. Many risk factors contribute to someone becoming an inhalant abuser, such as economic deprivation, and geographic and social isolation. Family history also plays a part, especially for young people who come from dysfunctional, neglectful, and violent families. Gender is considered because inhalant abuse is more common among males than females, and of course, peer influence will cause someone to experiment with inhalants.

The social effects of inhalant abuse are similar to those for other substances. Young people who use inhalants will experience a poor academic performance, emotional challenges, problematic behavior, and even crime. The physical effects depend on the amount of inhalant being used and the type of product. Physical effects from inhalant abuse are unpredictable and potentially deadly, especially for first-time users of these products. Sudden heart failure has been known to occur, and this is referred to as sudden sniffing death, which is the most common cause of death for inhalant users. This happens when a rush of adrenaline from extra exertion, while intoxicated, cause the heart to skip out of rhythm and stop beating.

There is also the risk of suicide and risk-taking behavior while under the influence of inhalants. Impaired judgment and feelings of invincibility can lead to aggression towards yourself and even others. People who abuse inhalants also have the risk of asphyxiation or suffocation, which frequently occurs when a plastic bag is used to inhale solvents, blocking the passage of air. Overdose does happen with inhalants, and this will happen when different inhalants are mixed with other drugs. The freezing properties of many solvents can cause minor frostbite to the lips and tongue or even fatal freezing of the air passage.

If you are struggling with an inhalant drug abuse addiction, there are treatment resources in the province to help. Throughout Nova Scotia are detox centers, inpatient services, and outpatient programs that will treat people addicted to inhalants. Inhalant drug abuse is dangerous and requires immediate help, whether it is medical help or a drug treatment center in Nova Scotia.

The information below will help you on how to find an Inhalant detox program in Nova Scotia. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Drug Rehab Services for Inhalants in Nova Scotia


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