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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Services for College/University Students in Manitoba

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Literacy oversees seven universities in the province. Five of the different universities in Manitoba are in Winnipeg and the province has the only French-language university in all of Western Canada. Along with the universities are three different colleges, which include private and community colleges. When you first go to college or university, the use of alcohol and drugs is widely seen, and most people do not think twice about. However, the average Canadian knows at least one person in his or her life who has struggled with addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction can start at any point in a person’s life. Students who are going to college or university who already have a problem with drugs or alcohol are more likely to continue this while in school. It is much easier to fall into a pattern of heavy drinking and recreational drug use if you were already doing this while in high school. binge Definition of the word binge drinking is often one of the first problems a student may struggle with. Typically, at any social function or party, alcohol is served, and there can be pressure to drink and drink excessively. Some students give in to this pressure, which is dangerous for students who don’t consume alcohol.

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Binge drinking always leads to injury or even being charged with an alcohol-related offense such as drinking and driving. It is not uncommon for some universities or colleges to provide sober events for students. This provides an opportunity for students who chose not to drink to socialize with other people who don’t drink. Going to college or university is supposed to be a good experience, where you will start your career, meet new people, and create responsibilities in life. Drug and alcohol abuse will get in the way of all of this, and every year there are stories of students who fail to graduate because of their drug or alcohol use. Binge drinking often always leads to the use of illicit drugs, whether prescription drugs, marijuana, or illegal street drugs. There is a wide variety of drugs that are used by college students. For example, prescription stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin are considered study drugs. However, any type of central nervous system Definition of the word central nervous system stimulant will drastically affect brain chemistry, and short-term memory and recall. Students who are abusing these drugs will struggle to maintain good or even strong academic performance. There is also the risk of health complications because of the excessive use of stimulant drugs, especially when used in combination with alcohol.

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction while attending school in Manitoba, you must reach out for help. Drug and alcohol treatment programs in the province can help students, and it is ok to attend treatment while going to school. Colleges and universities want to see their students graduate and provide extensive resources to ensure this happens. If you find your drug or alcohol use is affecting your academic performance, speak to someone about and not let it spiral out of control.

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