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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Services for College/University Students in Northwest Territories

There is only one post-secondary institution in the Northwest Territories, which is Aurora College. The college has campuses in Inuvik, Fort Smith, and Yellowknife, along with learning centers in many other communities throughout the territory. Going to college is a time when most students are planning for their future or creating a new one. There are endless opportunities while going to college that help students achieve the goals they set out. Unfortunately, within most college life, drug and alcohol abuse is a common problem that many students face. Many of the issues start with binge Definition of the word binge drinking or excessive alcohol use. It is not uncommon for students to be pressured into drinking because of peer pressure, or the misconception that excessive alcohol use is part of college life. Binge drinking is defined as consuming more than four or five drinks in a matter of a couple of hours. When you consume alcohol quickly, it rapidly increases your blood alcohol content. This places people at risk for drinking and driving, and or becoming injured because of alcohol use. Binge drinking also leads to the abuse of other drugs, whether legal or illegal. The legalization of marijuana in Canada has made the drug more accessible.

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Marijuana is a commonly used drug among students because there is a belief that it works as a study aid. Prescription stimulants are also used as study aids, yet any type of drug use affects your short-term memory and memory recall. When drugs are used while studying, it does make it more difficult to recall the information you are studying, when it comes to application. Students going to school face many different stressors, and alcohol and drugs become a solution for this. There is often pressure placed on students to perform well in school and maintain a certain grade. Students also place pressure on themselves to do well and attempt to live up to their expectations. Even the process of moving away from home to a different community can be stressful. For example, meeting new people, and trying to fit in with a new crowd is not always easy. Alcohol abuse could be part of this new crowd you are trying to fit in with. This is one of the most common situations where a student becomes caught up with excessive drinking. The people you associate with can be the most influential, such as being in that situation where you may be pressured to drink.

If you are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction while going to post-secondary school in the Northwest Territories, it is important to reach out for help. Local treatment resources can help, and there are often counseling programs provided through the college to help students in need. It is essential to ask for help, and not allow a drug or alcohol problem to consume your life.

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