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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Services for College/University Students in Prince Edward Island

Post-secondary education in Prince Edward Island falls under the Higher Education and Corporate Services Branch, which is part of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. There is only one university in the province, and it is the University of Prince Edward Island situated in the city of Charlottetown. Along with the university, there are two colleges on the island, one is a vocational school and the other is a French training center. The university has a long history and can trace its roots back to 1804. Today the university accommodates over 400 students in three residences, with seven faculties and a wide range of programs and degrees. Despite a small student population, students still struggle with issues associated with drugs and alcohol. The University of PEI is not known as a party school, but this does not prevent some students from excessive alcohol use or recreational drug use. The city of Charlottetown is the capital of PEI and has a population of over 36,000 people. Substance abuse affects people living within the city, including some within the student population.

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Drug problems can range from excessive alcohol and marijuana use, to prescription drug abuse, and the abuse of illicit street drugs. There are a number of reasons why students choose to abuse drugs or alcohol while in school. When you first go to school, you are often leaving home for the first time and venturing out on your own. This can be a stressful experience for some having to manage for the first time on their own. There is also a lot of stress placed on some students to perform academically or as a student/athlete. Drugs and alcohol become a way to cope with the stress, and or a way to fit in with a new crowd. The new people you meet at school do have an influence on your life, whether you realize this or not. If you are associating with other students who drink heavily and abuse drugs, you are also more likely to do the same. binge Definition of the word binge drinking is defined as consuming more than five drinks within a couple of hours or less. This type of drinking rapidly increases your blood alcohol content, placing you more at risk to drink and drive, or injure yourself because of alcohol abuse.

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction while attending post-secondary school in Prince Edward Island, you should be reaching out for help. Typically, a university has student counseling services or some type of department that offers support to students. This is always a good place to start if you needed to talk to someone about your drug or alcohol use. Drug and alcohol treatment programs in the province will also help students who are in need of treatment. Sometimes it takes going into an inpatient or outpatient treatment facility to address the problems connected to the drug or alcohol use. Finding help should be the priority, and ensuring you can graduate school without having to worry about drug addiction.

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