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Repentigny Quebec


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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Repentigny, Quebec

The community of Repentigny is a suburb that is off-island from Montreal and was, in fact, one of the first towns of the eastern tip. There is a somewhat diverse population of people, but primarily Canadian/French Canadian born; drug and alcohol addiction and drug-related crime affect this community as with any other part of Quebec. It may not be as intense as it is within the city of Montreal, but it can affect people from all age groups, especially the younger generation. Drug and alcohol treatment resources will be primarily located within Montreal and the surrounding area.

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Residential Drug Treatment in Repentigny

Inpatient substance abuse drug treatment programs for anyone living within the community of Repentigny can access programs within Montreal, where numerous residential programs are available. An inpatient treatment center will either be a government-run program, that is funded by the province and the facilities will either be low-cost or free for addicts and their families. Privatized inpatient centers will cost money, but can offer lengthier services for patients, and will commonly provide more options or methods of treatment for their clients.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Repentigny

Outpatient drug rehab will either be a conventional outpatient program or an intensive outpatient option, and the only difference is the length of time a person spends there. Intensive outpatient programs in Repentigny will allow the client to attend longer therapy sessions throughout the week. This approach will benefit people who are still working part-time and can commit to 25 or 30 hours of counseling each week. Traditional outpatient centers last long, and the counseling hours are not as much during the week.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Repentigny

Drug and alcohol detox programs are not necessarily long services; for example, a conventional detox center will only last a few days or more, and this is to help people using cocaine, crystal meth, club drugs, and marijuana. Longer detoxification processes will help heroin addicts, people addicted to pain medication, and other narcotic prescribed medications. This detox method can take a week or more and even upwards of a month in the more severe cases.

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