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Saguenay Quebec


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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Saguenay, Quebec

The city of Saguenay is just 200 km north of Quebec City and was formed in 2002 by merging the towns of Chicoutimi and Jonquiere. The drug problems that people are facing who live in the town are similar to those that would be found in Montreal or Quebec City. Drug addiction is a problem that affects so many individuals and families, and without the proper form of treatment for these individuals, it can be hard to overcome their addiction. It is only through residential and outpatient treatment options where addicts and their families can get help, and work through an addiction to achieve that ultimate sobriety.

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Saguenay Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

The residential drug treatment centers who operate within Quebec; many of them are located in Montreal and Quebec City, with few resources on hand in the city of Saguenay. A typical process within an inpatient drug rehab program will involve the patient going through a detox to get through the initial withdrawals. After detox, the individual will begin to transition into his or her therapy, which could be any number of approaches or methods to help treat addiction. It is always best for an addict to receive some type of addiction assessment prior to treatment, just to ensure what they are going through will be effective.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Saguenay

Most of the outpatient treatment resources within the city of Saguenay are through local counseling programs, who offer individual therapy, couples therapy, family counseling, and counseling for behavioral problems and addiction. A formal type of outpatient treatment for drug addiction provides very specific rehabilitation methods to help addicts, and this is done while the patient is still living at home and attends treatment daily. Outpatient drug treatment will either be a traditional outpatient program or provide intensive outpatient services, and the difference between the two is the length of time spent, and the number of counseling hours provided.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in Saguenay

Regardless of what types of detoxification facilities may or may not be operating within the city of Saguenay, this will have to be one of the first steps an addict will take before they go to treatment. Some addicts may be capable of detoxing on their own, but this can be very difficult. In some situations, the withdrawals can be very severe, or even life-threatening with some drugs. Conventional and or medical detox is the only way to help a patient through these difficult withdrawals.

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