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Drug Charges & DUI Lawyers in Canada

Drug and alcohol charges can end up being quite serious for a person, which could result in jail time, fines, and a criminal record. Depending on the severity of the charge and the circumstances involved, a drug charge can change a person’s life drastically. If anyone is facing any type of drug or alcohol offense, they should always consult a lawyer or some type of legal aid. Because there are so many different types of lawyers, it can be hard to narrow a choice down as there are specific lawyers available whom work primarily with people facing drug or alcohol charges and offenses. A lawyer will not always be cheap, but there are court-appointed lawyers and various forms of legal aid available for defendants upon being charged.

DUI Lawyers In Canada

In 2010, it was estimated that just over 2000 people were killed in Canada because of impaired driving, while close to 3000,000 people were injured because of impaired driving, and the estimated costs for impaired driving came near  21 billion dollars.  Impaired driving as in the United States does carry some heavy penalties for those who are charged with a DUI in Canada.  In the mid 1920’s the Canadian Parliament amended the Criminal Code and included the offence of driving while impaired, and by 2008 impaired driving charges made up close to 15% of all criminal charges throughout the country.  Federal and local police services utilize much different means to help prove that a person has been driving while impaired.  When a person has been charged with a DUI, it is best that the offender seeks out trained legal counsel and searches out a qualified DUI lawyer.

When a person is charged with a DUI in the country, they are immediately given a Canada wide driving prohibition, and along with this, the individuals will be facing some jail time as well as some large fines.  On the first offence an offender will be facing a $1000 fine along with a 12 month long driving prohibition.  For the second offence there will be 30 days in jail and a loss of license for two years, while the third offence will land a person 120 days in jail with a three year driving suspension.  DUI lawyers are specifically trained to help walk an offender through the entire process as it can be very costly and time-consuming to deal with these charges.  The cost of hiring a DUI lawyer will be different from province to province, but it will end up being the majority of the costs involved during the whole process.  Law firms all throughout the country employ DUI lawyers, and they can be found in almost every town and city.

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How do I know when I need a lawyer for a drug offense?

If one has to ask this question, they will most likely require a lawyer as they have been charged with a drug offense or some type of DUI. Hiring a lawyer when this occurs will not only offer a professional defense, but it can also help the defendant begin to take responsibility for their actions that got them into this circumstance. Whether a person has been charged with a DUI or a criminal offence, or summary drug charges they should always seek out legal advice. Working with a lawyer will help to eliminate further problems, and make the process smother and more effective to prevent something like this from occurring again.

What types of drug charges lawyers are there?

There are lawyers who specialize in criminal cases at the federal level, there are DUI lawyers, summary drug offense lawyers; because this is such a wide-field most law firms will staff lawyers who specialize in a wide range of legal practice pertaining to drugs and alcohol. Each small community and large city will have various law firms operating within them, and it is simply searching out the best one to represent the charges a person is facing. Legal aid or court-appointed lawyers are given to offenders who cannot afford a lawyer, as everyone as the right to an attorney for legal representation.

Do drug treatment centers work with drug offence lawyers?

Because it does happen where an addict will be court ordered to a drug rehab center because of a charge they are facing, most facilities are capable of working with the court system and a client's lawyer. There are circumstances where progress reports must be submitted, or random drug test results given, and/or a certain amount of hours of sobriety achieved before something else happens. The point is that drugs do cause crimes to happen, and people commit crimes for drugs, and the result are a person facing a drug charge or offense, where by; they will require legal representation and/or drug rehabilitation.


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