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Drug Charges Lawyers in Nunavut

As with many other parts of the territories and throughout Nunavut are many different small and remote communities. Within these communities and towns, some of the residents face drug and alcohol problems, and other issues that may be connected to crime and legal problems that an addict can become caught up in. Drug and alcohol addiction is a dangerous problem that can only be solved with an effective drug treatment center. Along with on-going drug problems, many addicts may face drug charges, legal problems, and trouble with the law because of his or her addiction. In order to solve any problem with drug charges, the individual will need to hire a lawyer who is specialized in criminal law and drug offences. Some of these drug charges can range from less serious problems such as marijuana possession for a small amount, and can also include serious charges of possession and trafficking of illicit substances. Many cities in provinces throughout the country have mandated particular laws for drugs and possession charges. The court systems tend to treat drug charges much of the same and some of the sentences can end up being quite severe, unless the offender ends up being sentenced to a drug court.

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What are some drug offences?

There are many different types of drug offences, but this can include possession of a prohibited or controlled substance, which means having in possession any type of illegal drug that is not prescribed by a medical doctor or purchased at a local pharmacy. There is also possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, which means having the intent to move or transport illegal substances while having possession of these drugs. Producing, cultivating, or growing controlled substances, which are common issues throughout many parts of Canada with illegal marijuana grown operations, the production of methamphetamine, and also making crack cocaine. Other offences that many cities' face is the import, export of controlled substances, which is a major issue within port cities or cities close to oceans or large bodies of water. Anyone charged with these offences will be facing criminal charges, lengthy jail time if convicted, and other life-changing events.

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