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Drug Charges Lawyers in Prince Edward Island

Throughout the province of Prince Edward Island, there are some law firms that employ drug charges lawyers and legal professionals experienced and familiar with the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Addicts, especially those who have been abusing drugs for a long time may have ended up in trouble with the law, and may have even been charged with a criminal offence for possession or trafficking of drugs. If this happens, and they are a first-time offender, they will typically be sentenced to drug rehabilitation when they are before a drug court. If the person is a repeat offender and has already been through multiple forms of drug and alcohol treatment, they will typically be sent to prison as drug treatment has not worked, and the individual is continually offending. In any situation, whether the person is a first-time offender or a repeat offender, they will have to hire a drug charges lawyer in order to work through a proper defense. Lawyers who work in this field have the experience and training necessary to navigate any difficult case an offender may be facing.

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Is growing of marijuana a serious offence?

The laws for marijuana have been changing throughout Canada, but if a person is growing marijuana for the purpose of trafficking or sale, without the proper licenses or permission, then yes it can be a serious offence. Drug polices are changing with medical marijuana and legal grow operations within the country, but any illegal offence can still be a serious crime. Many people may still believe that the possession of marijuana or the trafficking of it may not be a serious offence, but when it begins to affect the many different families and people involved in extremely negative and dangerous ways, these crimes can be taken very seriously. Growing marijuana illegally is still a major problem throughout the country, and the RCMP and local law enforcement are still making significant busts. Because growing marijuana can be a lucrative occupation for a person, it can be easy for an individual to fall into it. If this happens, the person gets caught with large quantities of marijuana, they may face some serious legal problems. In smaller quantities, the charges may not be as severe, but they can still cause significant problems for the offender.

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