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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Drug Detox In Regina, Saskatchewan

The detox programs that operate within the city of Regina are traditional detox services, which can help addicts or drug users who are not experiencing life-threatening withdrawals. For more complicated and dangerous withdrawals, an addict will have to visit the local hospital, where they can be medically withdrawn from the substance they are taking or abusing. Medical detox programs are needed for people who have suffered from alcohol poisoning, pain medication abuse, or people experiencing a drug psychosis.

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With two types of detox; medical detox and regular detox, the Regina detox treatment centers are there to service anyone in need of this action. People struggling with drug addiction or excessive alcohol use will be required to do a detox program as the first action. This period of detox, usually a week or so, will permit the person to stop their damaging use of illicit drugs or alcohol. It’s actually a withdrawal of the substance; drug rehab is the next step.

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