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Drug Detox In St. Catharines, Ontario

The majority of the detox services provided within the city of St. Catherine’s will be at the local hospital, and even then there is no guarantee that an addict will get help. Hospital detox programs are usually there for people in emergency situations or someone who is going through a life-threatening withdrawal period. More often then not, addicts or drug users make an attempt at home to detox and stay sober long enough to get themselves into a drug and alcohol rehab center.

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Getting help for all forms of addiction means going through one of St. Catharines' detox centers. All treatments of addiction for illicit drugs or alcohol will require this first step, proper detox. Normally, this will take a week or more depending on the results of your assessment. The reason for detox is to stop the uncontrolled intake of some drug or alcohol, in fact, this is really drying out period, a withdrawal from the substance. Proper drug rehab will be the next action.


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