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Drug And Alcohol Support Groups In Halifax, Nova Scotia

There are many people in Halifax, NS suffering from drug addiction. There are many people that seek support, and it is available. There are several kinds of drug support groups. Many of them have the same purpose. They intend to give guidance and support to those who are looking to get clean. There are many ways that a support group can accomplish this goal. No matter at what stage a person is, they can go to a drug support group and get the help that they need.

Many of the drug support groups in Halifax, Nova Scotia are free of charge. The workers are often volunteers and were themselves drug addicts and people can then get help from people who have actually had the same experience. Many addicts who have been helped by these types of drug support groups will actually continue to be a member, even after they are completely clean. This is how the fellowship still goes on, and it is also very rewarding for a recovering addict to help other addicts get to that point.

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There are some people in Halifax who suffer from drug addiction. There are also others who have gone to rehab and have gotten clean but still feel unsure about their ability to stay clean while dealing with their environment. They can all get help from the drug support groups that are available in Halifax. There aren't many options but there is always the help of Narcotics Anonymous. There are meetings of this drug support group every day. There are more than 12 weekly drug support meetings in Halifax under the banner of Narcotics Anonymous.

Alcohol Support Groups in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Alcohol is truly the drug that is most popular all over the world and in Halifax, NS. Although the addictive nature of alcohol is often overlooked, there are a lot of individuals in Halifax suffering from alcoholism. It often begins very lightly, like social drinking. There are a lot of people who start drinking more often and in bigger quantities and don’t even notice it. This is why a person often thinks he doesn’t have a problem until he hits rock bottom. But no matter at what stage the person is in their addiction to alcohol; they can get help from the alcohol support groups in Halifax.

Halifax alcohol support groups are good for various kinds of people. Of course, those that have just noticed that they have a problem with alcohol can get help from a local alcohol support group in Halifax, NS. A lot of alcohol support groups have helped many people get over their alcoholism and start living a sober and happier life. However, some alcoholics, even after they have reached sobriety, still get the help of alcohol support groups in order to maintain it. However, some also join alcohol support groups in order to help other people.

Halifax is a smaller city compared to others all over Canada, but it still has to deal with alcoholism. The problem with being a smaller city is that options as far as alcohol support group goes are limited. For alcoholics, they can get help from the alcohol support group called Alcoholics Anonymous. AA is probably the most famous of all alcohol support groups in the world. Halifax is home to about 64 meetings under the banner of Alcoholics Anonymous. These meetings usually occur once a week. This means that this alcohol support group is very accessible for the people in Halifax. It can easily fit one’s schedule and also one’s financial situation, since it is free of charge to attend these meetings. There is a specific philosophy attached to AA that is called the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. Every member adheres to it and follows it to help them get sober and stay sober.

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The information below will help you on how to find a Drug Support Group in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since meetings change regularly, the list may be inaccurate. If you need more information on a specific meeting, please visit the website provided with that meeting.

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