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Drug Support Groups

There are many drug support groups all over Canada. They are all geared to provide support for drug addicts, their families, their children and anybody who is affected by substance abuse, in one way or another. A lot of these drug support groups are performed by volunteers and so are completely free of charge. There are some support groups that are more known than others.

For example, Narcotics Anonymous is one of the best-known drug support groups that exists all around the world. This support group is made for drug addicts and has helped many of them get over their addiction. It has also given them a chance to help other people struggling with drug addiction. Many people become NA members after having gone through a rehabilitation treatment. This drug support group uses the 12 Steps and 12 traditions as put forth by Alcoholics Anonymous’ founders.

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There are also more precise 12 steps support groups that have been created since then. For example, there is a fellowship called Cocaine Anonymous. This drug support group is specifically there to help those who are struggling with cocaine addiction. This type of drug support groups can be found in almost all the Canadian provinces. There are also other drug support groups based on the same philosophy.

There is a drug support group called Marijuana Anonymous, which handle marijuana addiction. There is also a drug support group known as Heroin Anonymous to handle heroin addiction. There is yet another drug support group, which handles a specific drug, namely, crystal methamphetamine. This support group is called Crystal Meth Anonymous and can help somebody deal with their methamphetamine abuse. Because of the widespread problem of prescription-drug addiction, a new drug support group was created not too long ago called Pills Anonymous. This drug support group has yet really to form in Canada, but it does exist to help those that wish to fight their prescription drug's addiction.