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Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Last updated on: Friday, 8 March 2024

There are several reasons why someone would need to undergo a drug test. If you or a loved one need a to find a drug testing company in Canada. You can find a comprehensive listing for each province with detailed information to help you find a drug testing facility in your province.


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Throughout Canada, a person can locate companies and organizations that provide drug testing kits, services, and information about drug testing. The drug-testing process can be an accurate way; depending on the method used, to help determine what drugs and alcohol content a person has within their body. Drug tests are used in many various ways utilized by law enforcement personnel, medical facilities, workplace environments, prisons, and within drug and alcohol treatment centers. Some of the methods include testing a person’s blood within a lab setting, urine tests, and of course a breathalyzer. Other more detailed tests can be done through hair follicles, and other bodily fluids, but this is within a lab setting and sometimes more time-consuming.

What are drug test kits?

Drug test kits can include such things as urine drug tests, oral fluid tests, hair follicle tests, steroid test kits, and substance identification test kits. There are many different suppliers throughout Canada that offer these kits for purchase, as well as locations within the country that are set up as labs where testing can be done or test samples can be sent off to. Drug test kits such as urine drug tests are the most commonly used within the private sector, as they can typically detect immediate usage or usage within a 24-hour period. Other drug test methods and kits are used to determine more precisely what drugs a person has taken, along with alcohol content.

Is drug testing done at rehabilitation programs?

Yes, this is a very common practice at drug treatment centers, whether they are a residential program or an outpatient center; random drug testing is done. The process helps eliminate the possibility of drugs entering a facility, and when it is done on the initial arrival of a patient, it can help the medical staff know what types of withdrawals to expect, and how best to treat a patient during their detox. Outpatient programs will commonly conduct more random drug testing than an inpatient drug program because the client is not staying at an outpatient center, they are relied upon to remain drug-free during their treatment. Of course, using drugs or alcohol during drug treatment defeats the purpose of attending a drug rehabilitation program.

How effective is the drug-testing process?

The whole process can be extremely precise; depending on what type of test is administered, most tests will detect everything a person has used within a specific time frame. Urine drug tests are not always the most exact, because the person has to be given one within a short time frame when suspicion of drug use is found. Breathalyzers can be fairly accurate when administered properly, and will immediately detect a person’s blood-alcohol content. For more extensive accuracy with testing, it is best to go directly to a lab, which specializes in the drug-testing process and can administer a blood test or hair follicle test.

Ask a Professional

  • What is drug testing?

    Drug testing looks for signs of one or more illegal or prescription drugs in a urine, blood, saliva, hair, or sweat sample. For example, it may look for marijuana, prescription pain medication, heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines.

  • Do drug rehab centers drug test each client?

    Yes, most drug rehab centers and drug detox centers drug test each client who enters the program. This testing aims to determine what drugs are in the client’s system to apply the proper rehabilitation and detox process.

  • How far back can drug tests go with hair, saliva, and urine?

    Hair testing can go back as far as 90 days; however, it is the most flawed process, as drugs can show up in hair if even not consumed. Urine drug testing is the most reliable; both illegal and prescription drugs are detectable between three and seven days after consumption. The results are more trustworthy. Saliva testing is also reliable, but there is a small detection window within 24 hours.

  • What are the two types of drug tests?

    There is a screening test, which only shows positive or negative for the presence of drugs; no quantities are provided. Confirmatory tests determine specifically how much of a drug is in the body and are typically performed after a screening.

  • Want to know more?

    The questions from DrugRehab.ca’s “Ask a Professional” are answered by Nickolaus Hayes. If you need further clarification on any of the questions above or have any other questions you can contact him directly at N.hayes@drugrehab.ca.




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Nickolaus Hayes has been working with Drug Rehab Services for the past ten years. Over the past 15 years, he has remained connected to helping people who have been struggling with addiction. He first started working as an intake counselor at a drug rehabilitation center in 2005. During the five years as an intake counselor, he was able to help hundreds of people find treatment. Nickolaus was also fortunate to be able to work with professional interventionists, traveling across the country performing interventions.