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Ecstasy Detox & Treatment in Alberta

In 2107, close to 10% of the population living in Alberta tried ecstasy once in their lifetime. Throughout Canada, ecstasy is a popular recreational drug for casual drug users and is also part of a larger drug problem for addicts. Ecstasy can become addictive, and much of the ecstasy today will not necessarily be mixed with MDMA, but other drugs such as ketamine and other versions of MDMA are found in ecstasy being sold in Canada and Alberta. Ecstasy is a popular recreational drug in Alberta because the drug creates such strong false senses of reality. For example, people who take ecstasy will experience mental stimulation, an increased sense of well-being, increased energy, and changes in their sensory perception. Ecstasy is not the most widely used drug in Alberta, but it is a popular recreational substance. Many drug addicts in the province will include ecstasy as part of their overall drug use, and even mixing this drug with other substances can be dangerous. Substance abuse in the province of Alberta is a problem for many people, and drug addiction impacts those from all backgrounds. Parents with adolescents who may be becoming curious about ecstasy or other similar club drugs should help educate their kids about the dangers. Ecstasy is a popular club drug for youth and young adults that take part in the rave Definition of the word rave or club scene. Ecstasy can cause an overdose and will increase the temperature of the body and dehydrate a person to a point where they will lose all function and slip into a coma.

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What is ecstasy?

Ecstasy is a psychoactive Definition of the word psychoactive drug, and the main synthetic chemical in ecstasy is MDMA; however, much of the ecstasy in Canada will not always have MDMA in it. It is common for ecstasy to contain bath salts, caffeine, PCP, cocaine, and even ketamine. Ecstasy is often produced as a colorful tablet and imprinted with a logo, and MDMA can be sold as a capsule that is a powder or a liquid form. MDMA or ecstasy will work on the brain in distinctive ways, such as affecting the different chemicals in the brain causing the mood changes, euphoria, and altered sense of perception. The use of ecstasy in Alberta is often done as casual drug use among recreational drug users, and addicts will tend to use ecstasy as part of a larger drug problem. There are numerous side effects with taking ecstasy, and this can include nausea, chills or hot flashes, muscle cramping, loss of appetite, dehydration, increased body temperature, depression, anxiety, and an increased heart rate. Ecstasy is a dangerous psychoactive drug and is often used by young adults and adolescents who take part in the club scene or are part of the rave crowd. Drug problems in Alberta impact many of the people living there, but Drug Rehab Services can help drug users, and their families find the help; they need to treat the addiction.

Treatment for Ecstasy Addiction in Alberta

All throughout the province of Alberta are numerous drug and alcohol treatment resources. Some of these programs will be operated by Alberta Health Services, and others will be private treatment centers. Ecstasy is a popular recreational drug for casual drug users but can also be part of a larger drug problem that involves other substances. Ecstasy abuse or addiction should be treated the same way any other type of drug addiction is handled. An addict should start with a detox, where they can work through the withdrawal pains and discomfort. Detox centers in Alberta are fully equipped to help ecstasy user's withdrawal off the drugs they are using. After detox, an addict should seek out some form of counseling or therapy. This can be done at a twelve-step meeting group, inpatient treatment centers, or an outpatient program. Drug Rehab Services can help those who are addicted to ecstasy, and their families find the help they need in the province. It can be hard at times to locate a suitable treatment center, and referral agencies such as Drug Rehab Services are excellent options to help with narrowing down the search. Early intervention may also be needed to help someone who may be displaying the early signs of drug abuse. Because ecstasy is a popular club drug or party drug, many young adults and even adolescents begin to experiment with it, and parents in Alberta should be aware of the signs.

The information below will help you on how to find an ecstasy detox program in Alberta. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of detox facilities in Alberta

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