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Drug And Alcohol Detox & Rehab Centres in Eel Ground, New Brunswick

Last updated: Thursday, 07, July 2022

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in Eel Ground, New Brunswick are local community support services within the First Nation community. Anyone struggling with addiction can access other treatment services within the province and throughout Atlantic Canada. Substance abuse and addiction impact of the First Nations communities across the country. Some families are able to access an addiction assessment, which helps determine treatment and the extent of the addiction. An addiction assessment could be done over the phone or in person, and it is an excellent place to start when searching for treatment. The first step in addiction treatment is detox, which is either conventional detox or a medically supervised detox. Medically supervised detox programs are essential for drug users misusing heroin, pain medication, prescription drugs, or severe alcoholism. The detox process uses withdrawal management, which is the process of administering medication to control withdrawal symptoms. Conventional detox programs do not provide this and are good options for patients who are not experiencing dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

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However, detox alone does not sustain long-lasting recovery or support, and inpatient or outpatient counseling is required. Some drug and alcohol treatment resources within Atlantic Canada provide culturally appropriate treatment options for members of the First Nation. Long-term residential treatment is the most effective option for addicts because these programs last three to six months or longer, depending on the facility. Short-term residential treatment provides brief but intensive treatment and is an appealing option for drug users who are unwilling to commit to long-term programs. When considering the type of treatment needed, it is essential to know the severity of the addiction. Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is the most widely recognized and includes conventional programs and intensive outpatient day services. Outpatient treatment is a good option for someone who is still working and or has family support. Other drug and alcohol treatment options include group counseling or 12-step meetings, individual therapy, and aftercare support.

The Eel Ground Band or Eel Ground First Nation is a Mi'kmaq First Nation band government with close to 1000 people, which is located along the Miramichi River in northern New Brunswick. Substance abuse and addiction affect many First Nations communities across the country and in the province. According to a report that explores the relationship between substance use and economic development in Atlantic Canada First Nation communities, various First Nations communities within all the Atlantic Provinces were surveyed. Regarding marijuana use, 69.3% of respondents had never used it, while 12% had used marijuana daily or almost daily. Approximately 93.2% of survey respondents never used cocaine, while 0.5% had used it daily or almost daily. Regarding amphetamines or stimulant drugs, 96.3% had never used them, while 0.6% had used them monthly or more frequently. When surveyed regarding opioids, 90.9% of respondents had never used them, while 1.7% had used them daily or almost daily. Drug and alcohol addiction requires proper treatment, and rehabilitation resources in New Brunswick and across Atlantic Canada will help.


Marcel Gemme, DATS

Marcel Gemme, DATS


on July 7, 2022

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