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What Are the Different Forms and Names for Cocaine?

Last updated on: Wednesday, 27 September 2023
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When you think about drugs that can take control of your life very quickly, cocaine is at the top of the list. For many years now, the fight has been against this highly addictive drug. Many people have succumbed to the allure without being able to stay away once they are addicted. Cocaine works on the part of the brain that regulates good feelings, euphoric sensations, and pleasure. Once the brain is used to the feeling, it craves more to replace it when the feeling goes away. Long-time users of cocaine exhibit many physical and emotional problems that are irreversible over a long period of time.

Cocaine is a drug that is derived from the leaves of the cocoa plant. It is a stimulant of the nervous system that causes sensations of a “high” accompanied by high levels of alertness, decreased appetite, strength, and loss of inhibitions. This illegal drug is also very addictive and found in all areas and among all ages.

Unlike some entry-level drugs, cocaine can be taken in several different ways. Each different method of use has a different form that accompanies it. Cocaine that is in a powder form is snorted through the nose or rubbed on the gums. This is the most popular way to use cocaine but is gradually giving way to a form of use called free-basing.

Free-basing cocaine means that the user uses a form called crack cocaine. This form of cocaine is a lower level that is usually found in a “rock” form. It is smoked by the user through a small pipe and applying heat to the crystal. Cocaine can also be injected into the bloodstream for an instant rush of the drug. This method uses a liquid form of cocaine, but does not last as long as free-basing, or snorting.

For people who use cocaine, it can be called many different names. People who are not associated with the drug, or do not know anyone who uses, will not be familiar with some of the terminology. By making up different names, people can talk about their drug use in front of people without the worry of being discovered. Several names for the drug are coke, snow, blow, toot, girl, cola, heaven dust, lady liner, nose candy, Peruvian flake, bopper, purple caps, and yam yay among others names. If you hear some of these names when hearing people around you talk, chances are they are talking about cocaine and their need for it. Attend a good cocaine treatment if you cannot control your addiction.




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