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GHB Detox & Treatment in Ontario

The only prescription and medical use for GHB is to treat sleep disorders, and pharmaceutical GHB is not easily obtained for illegal use. However, illegally made GHB uses many of the same chemicals, but it is impossible to know what the potency is and the purity of the drug. Non-pharmaceutical GHB is dangerous and is still a widely-used club drug throughout Canada and in Ontario. GHB became a popular club drug in the 1990s and also gained a reputation for being used as a date rape drug. GHB is a potent central nervous system Definition of the word central nervous system depressant Definition of the word depressant and produces strong sedative effects and an intense euphoria, which is why it is a popular recreational drug and date rape drug.

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When GHB is sold in its liquid form, it looks like water and has no smell, is tasteless, and is easily dissolved in liquids creating no color. GHB is also sold as a white powder and comes as a capsule that is consumed orally. The drug is also commonly used by bodybuilders who believe the drug will help them reduce fat and build muscles. Before 2010 in Ontario, GHB was a popular drug used by high school students in Ontario various reasons. When you consume GHB, the effects of it are similar to being intoxicated from alcohol. The drug user will feel light-headed, more sociable, and less inhibited, while also causing you to become drowsy and tired. Large doses of GHB do induce vomiting, and it is possible to slip into a deep sleep, resulting in respiratory depression.

GHB overdose can result in difficulty breathing, lowered heart rate, convulsions, and even death. When taking GHB, there is only a slight difference in how the drug impacts you, and even a small amount of GHB can be fatal. The effects of GHB are felt relatively quickly, which is why the drug is a popular date rape drug and club drug. GHB is an addictive substance and is responsible for countless addictions in Ontario. The signs of a GHB addiction include using it to become high or intoxicated. This is a common sign of drug abuse by young adults and adolescents in Ontario. When you use GHB regularly, the body develops a tolerance to the effects of the drug. Developing a tolerance to GHB means you need to take more to get the desired results.

The daily use of any drug such as GHB does create drug dependency leading to withdrawal symptoms that happen when you stop taking the drug. The withdrawal symptoms are not severe, but when other drugs are being used, they can become dangerous to go through. The withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, tremors, and an inability to sleep properly. Drug detox programs in Ontario can effectively manage someone who is withdrawing from GHB. Medical detox may not be required unless you are consuming large amounts of GHB and prescription narcotics that create dangerous withdrawal effects. Throughout Ontario are many different types of drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Addicts searching for treatment should always ensure the program they are attending will meet their treatment needs. This includes finding a program that will provide counseling and therapy to address the underlying issues connected to the addiction. Each type of drug treatment program in the province offers something different in terms of counseling and treatment. Whether you are a recreational drug user or a daily user, there is help available. Drug rehab is the only effective way to ensure an addict can become fully rehabilitated from their addiction.

The information below will help you on how to find a GHB detox program in Ontario. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of detox facilities in Ontario

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