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Drug Rehab Centres in Grand Bay, New Brunswick

Last updated: Thursday, 07, July 2022

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in Grand Bay, New Brunswick, includes local resources located throughout Kings County and in the city of St. John. The process of searching for treatment should not have to be difficult. Most families have an addiction assessment done, which benefits the family and the addict. The assessment process could be done over the phone or in-person, and it will help the family narrow down treatment and determine the extent of the addiction. When someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, they are consumed physically and mentally. Most other things about life become secondary, and addicts are usually unwilling to accept treatment. A family intervention is a good place to begin because the intervention process helps the family regain control and save the life of their loved one. The best way to organize a family intervention is by hiring a professional interventionist. There are intervention groups that operate across the country, performing interventions, and counseling families.

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Whichever approach is taken, the first step in treatment is detox, and this cannot be avoided. The detoxification process is necessary to manage the withdrawal symptoms and cravings before any counseling or therapy takes place. The severity of the addiction determines the type of detox. For example, medical detox programs treat most opioid addictions, prescription drug abuse, and severe alcoholism. The process of withdrawal management involves using medication to manage withdrawal cravings and symptoms. Conventional detox programs treat most forms of street drug addiction and are often part of inpatient or outpatient treatment centers. Detox should not be considered the only type of rehabilitation. Detoxification centers do not provide adequate counseling and therapy to treat all aspects of addiction.

Following any type of detox, the next step is inpatient or outpatient drug treatment. Residential treatment is always the best option because all the services are provided onsite. Long-term residential treatment usually lasts three to six months or more, but this depends on the facility. Short-term inpatient centers last three to six weeks and are brief but intensive. The rehabilitation process should be well-rounded and cover all aspects of counseling. Outpatient drug treatment is a good option for someone who is still working and has family support. Some outpatient centers also offer intensive outpatient services. Upon completion of a residential or outpatient drug treatment center, aftercare support is an excellent option to consider. For example, this includes sober living homes, peer support, 12-step meetings, and remaining connected to other sober people.

Grand Bay-Westfield is an incorporated town in the western part of Kings County and borders the city of St. John. In 2016, the population was under 5,000 people, and like many other communities of this size, there are families struggling with a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol. According to information taken from the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey, 38.7% of the population of New Brunswick reported lifetime use of one or more illicit drugs. Some of the most commonly used drugs include marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, speed, ecstasy, hallucinogens, and heroin. Between 2007 and 2012, there were 178 opioid-related deaths. Also, between 2009 and 2014, there were five fentanyl-related deaths.


Marcel Gemme, DATS

Marcel Gemme, DATS


on July 7, 2022

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